Company profile

piazzaIt is of vital importance for our company to underline our origins, which allowed us to become what we are today.

The founder of our company was Primo Ferri. Thanks to his entrepreneurial skill, he decided to give up his activity as “standard” farmer, which was very common at that time in his region, and he begun to specialize his production of vegetables.

His newly found products immediately met a huge success, and he managed to increase his customers, thanks to his meticulous search and production of high-quality products.

Gradually, the next generations of our family have continued the adventure started more than one hundred years ago by Primo Ferri. We have never stopped the constant evolution of our company and we are still anchored to those traditions and values that have once led and inspired Primo Ferri.

Today, our company “Ferri dal 1905” is specialized in the selection and trading of dried vegetable products from Italy and from the whole world. The original values of quality, respect of the nature and reliability are still guiding us. We use the most modern technologies in order to be always updated and to satisfy the needs of our always more attentive and demanding customers.



We choose our raw materials in an attentive and scrupulous way. We are sure that such a careful selection is necessary to guarantee to our customers the best products available on the market.

The experience we have gained during all these years in this field allows us to choose our products with great skill and consciousness.

Moreover, all our selected products undergo many analysis, both sanitary and organoleptic, according to the laws in force.

Each raw material is carefully checked and controlled per hand before the packing. Our staff checks the goods and takes any impurity away.

We are convinced that these thorough controls have to be done exclusively by men and not by machines, even if it is more and more difficult for small companies to take their costs in. It is not possible for us to give up manual controls because we think that they are a guarantee of the good quality of our products.



All our products are strictly packed by hand. It is very important for us that this step too is done by hand, because we want to keep alive our family’s traditions by taking care of the packaging, which must be elegant and perfect in every detail.

We want our costumers to understand immediately how much care and attention we put in the products we choose: this can be understood even from the “dress” we have given to our products.

Last but not least, the manual packing allows a further control of the raw materials.



We have developed our warehouse according to the storage needs of each single product.

Vegetal raw materials need to be stored at a suitable and constant temperature, so that they can be perfectly stored and they won’t be damaged heath and humidity. For this reason, our warehouses are provided with air-conditioned cells.

This care and attention might seem excessive, but in this way we are absolutely sure to provide our customers with a constant quality in each time and season of the year.

Moreover, we can offer a wide selection of accessories concearning tea and spices. These products too are stored in our completely computerized warehouses.



The direct distribution of our products in Italy and abroad allows us to deliver our products very quickly.

All the goods are prepared and packed manually from our logistics and are put into shockproof boxes, in order to protect them during the transport.